Uncensored Video Leaks Las Vegas teen dies of brain-eating amoeba as experts warn not to panic

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Uncensored Video Leaks Las Vegas teen dies of brain-eating amoeba as experts warn not to panic

zonatau.com – Uncensored Video Leaks Las Vegas teen dies of brain-eating amoeba as experts warn not to panic

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Leaked Las Vegas teen dies of brain-eating amoeba

Experts say the death of a teenager from a rare brain-eating amoeba in the Las Vegas area should not cause panic and caution for people near lakes, rivers and freshwater springs.

Formally called Naegleria fowleri, the naturally occurring amoeba that almost always eats brains “gets people’s attention because of the name,” said former public health epidemiologist Brian Labus. “But it’s a very rare disease.”

Investigators believe the teen was abandoned in the warm waters of Lake Mead. The Southern Nevada Health District did not identify the deceased teen but said he may have been exposed to the microorganism during the Sept. 30 weekend in the Kingman Wash area on the Arizona side of the Colorado River reservoir behind the Hoover Dam. The county released the case Wednesday after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) confirmed the cause.

The Ecclehorn River in eastern Nebraska.
How the climate crisis is fueling the spread of brain-eating amoeba
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Since 1962, the CDC has only had 154 cases of amoeba infections and deaths in the United States, says Lavers, who teaches at the University of Nevada’s School of Public Health in Las Vegas. Nearly half of these cases occurred in Texas and Florida. Prior to this week, only one case was reported from Nevada.

“I can’t say it should be an alarm for that,” Loves said. “People should be careful if this rare amoeba actually lives there.” The creature was found in waters ranging between 77 degrees F (25 degrees C) and 115 degrees F (46 degrees C), he said. The area and the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, which overlooks the lake and Colorado River, indicate that the amoeba infects humans only by entering the nose and migrating to the brain. It’s almost always fatal.

According to a press release from the two organizations, “it cannot infect humans even if ingested, and it is not transmitted from person to person.” The two advised people to avoid jumping or diving in hot water, especially in summer, and to keep their heads above water in hot springs or other “untreated geothermal waters” with puddles in pocket canyons in large resort areas.

“97 percent are fatal, but 99 percent are preventable,” says Dennis Kyle, professor of infectious diseases and cell biology at the University of Georgia and director of the Center for Emerging and Tropical Diseases. “You can protect yourself by jumping into water that touches your nose or by using a nose plug.”

The amoeba first causes primary amoebic meningoencephalitis, a brain infection that mimics the symptoms of meningitis or encephalitis, including headache, fever, nausea, or vomiting, and then stiffens the neck and progresses to seizures and coma, which can lead to to die

Symptoms begin 1-12 days after exposure and death usually occurs within about 5 days. There is no known effective treatment, and Kyle says diagnosis is often too late. An examination of news reports found cases in Northern California, Nebraska and Iowa. According to CDC maps, the states with the most cases over the past 60 years were in the southern United States, with 39 cases in Texas and 37 cases in Florida. “I think this year is the average of the cases,” Kyle said. But it was very hot. An important point is that warmer climates tend to produce more amoebas in this region.

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