Update Maxime Bernier News On Twitter

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Update Maxime Bernier News On Twitter

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If you’re following my Substack, you’ll know I’ve been talking a lot about Canada’s vaccination warrants over the past six months.

I asked about the science behind this mandate and this week we got some of the answers we wanted.

The podcast host today posted a new report on the Bari Weiss substack, Common Sense, in a post titled. “The court documents proving the Canada travel ban have no scientific basis.”

Rupa Subramanya is a National Post columnist. His reporting gained international attention earlier this year with an article on trucker convoys and also for Barry Weiss, titled What Truckers Want.

This edited script is for paid subscribers, but you can listen to the podcast for free here.

For those interested in viewing Rupa’s cited documents, they can be downloaded from the Federal Court here.

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