Leaked Shrikant Deshmukh Video Viral Scandal On Twitter & Reddit

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Leaked Shrikant Deshmukh Video Viral Scandal On Twitter & Redditzonatau.com – Spilled Shrikant Deshmukh Viral Video Scandal On Twitter and Reddit. The pornography video of President Sorapur Shrikanto Deshumuk in the BJP district has become viral.

Another dispute proceeded. In the mean time, the party requested Shrikant Deshmuk to quickly resign. BJP pioneer Chitra Wagh tweeted about it. (Sorapur shrikant deshmukh bjp district president resigns after obscene video cut becomes viral).

Sorapur district president BJP Shrikant Deshmukh resigns: Solapur Maharashtra after controversial video cut becomes viral on social media BJP District President Shrikant Deshmukh has resigned. BJP President Chandrakant Patil has acknowledged his resignation.

A video of previous BJP district president Sorapur (territorial) Shrikantdeshmuk arose. Chitra Wagh said President Chandrakant Patil soon saw this and assumed control over his post.

Who Is Shrikant Deshmukh

Solapur BJP (Solapur) District President Shrikant Deshmukh has resigned from his post. He resigned on Tuesday after controversial pornography videos and sound bites turned into an interesting issue on social media. President Chandrakant Patil promptly acknowledged his resignation.

In the mean time, the conditional duties of the President of the Rural Sorapur district were taken over by Mayor Vikram Deshmuk. Shrikant Deshmukh acknowledged the district president’s post eighteen months ago. But he quit shortly after the pornography video became viral.

Shrikant Deshmukh has not yet remarked on the video’s viral fall. In the viral video, a lady accuses him of taking part in an extramarital entanglements. Srikant Deshmukh should be visible in this video.

Shrikant Deshmukh Solapur

Shrikant Deshmukh was president of the Solapur Rural District eighteen months ago. But a couple of days ago, his pornography video is said to be drifting in the viral. Then another controversy arose.

The party requested Shrikant Deshmuk to resign right away, after which he is said to have resigned. After the presidential political decision, another minister’s vow can be required A couple of days ago, Shrikant Deshmukh whined at the Oshiwara police headquarters in Mumbai that he was engaged with a honey snare.

Truth be told, Deshmukh should be visible in a viral video with a lady in the bedroom. The relationship between the lady and him seen with Deshumuk in the bedroom is obscure.

In a video that has been discussed on social media, the lady in question points her PDA camera at Deshmuk. Deshumuk is sitting in bed. In the mean time, the lady steps before her phone camera, takes her Deshumuk name, and accuses him of tricking her.

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