Leaked Murad Merali Video Link on Twitter & Reddit

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Leaked Murad Merali Video Link on Twitter & Reddit

zonatau.com – Leaked Murad Merali Video Link on Twitter & Reddit

Leaked Video Murad Merali Twitter & Reddit. Murad Merali recently came under fire on social media after explicit content was leaked online.
ince then, podcast hosts and YouTubers have shared videos titled “Coping with my past” with trigger warnings for heavy and emotional content.

Twitter’s allegations include raceplay (an extreme fetish in which two prominent figures use racial slurs and derogatory comments during sex), alleged content from his OnlyFans account, and It was about foot fetish material.

With of his Twitter threads and speculations, common themes include:


Murad Merali

erali is his 26-year-old podcaster, best known for his regular opinions on Love His Island. His YouTube channel has more than 300,000 subscribers and his interviews with former islanders such as Deji and Summer have exploded in popularity.

In addition to her online presence, Merali says she is a real estate developer with a degree in clinical psychology and cognitive neuroscience, according to her Instagram bio.

What is the Charge Against Him?

The YouTuber faced online controversy after a video surfaced in a Reddit thread that appeared to be about foot fetish and racing content from his game, which contained highly racist comments. done.

Many of them cannot be repaired for obvious reasons. Fans of the podcast have voiced their thoughts on the content on Twitter.

What is His Answer?

In a seven-minute clip posted on his YouTube channel on Wednesday (Aug 10), Merari said: “First of all, what was written was not me. I did not write the offensive comment and I stand by it – I am not ..

“None of this content is mine. I sincerely apologize. I take full responsibility for how each content turns out and makes you feel.”

However, he accepted responsibility for “some of that content”, admitting that “not now, not recently, not in the last five or six years, not always”.

Merari added that he did not write the screenshots of the offensive races. He said: I didn’t do that and I have to do my best to explain it immediately.

“People create their own captions and combine them with their photos to express their own satisfaction, their desires, their fantasies, their ideas, whatever they have. For every desire they express in it for their own spiritual satisfaction.”

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He admitted to having a foot fetish, saying it was the result of sexual abuse at the age of 14.
“I developed this fetish, this foot fetish. Because of what happened to me.”

I’ve got to make money, that’s my only goal, to make money,” he continued. “You’ve got to make money to get out.”

At the end of the video, he said: “I didn’t write some racist words.

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