[Leaked] Cardi B Video Insulting Each Other With Collaborator Akbar V

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[Leaked] Cardi B Video Insulting Each Other With Collaborator Akbar V

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While the fight between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj has cooled down since they sent footwear flying in 2018, it looks like Cardi presently has a meat fermenting with Akbar V, an exceptional rapper who accepted Nicki’s co-sign by means of the “Super Freaky Girl” remix. Like Cardi, Akbar V came up through an installment of the reality show Love and Hip-Bounce, and like Cardi, she won’t hesitate to stir it up with rivals on open platforms like Twitter. However, their Twitter fight has now escalated, with Cardi sharing what appears to be a leaked sex tape of Akbar’s.

While it’s always a little difficult to tell where these things get everything rolling, it appears that Akbar felt disrespected by one of Cardi’s new tweets. After Cardi asserted, “I deal with kids ..since the day they came out my p*ssy,” Akbar thought about it literally. The Atlanta rapper cited Cardi’s tweet, adding her own two cents. “You was ready to child,” she composed. “u … I wasn’t but I got the entirety of mine now … see the difference among me and u I was truly in that wilderness t embracing with genuine n$$$as… .u failed to remember u had kids when u got some cash ?… u was just selling it to any man that ran up on u cricket teeth..”

Akbar continued to belittle Cardi in her timeline until Cardi began quoting her and reminding followers of the two rappers: “I’m from the Bronx … Highbridge, to be specific … clearly not to be forgotten, there.” I waste time arguing with you. “He also posted a video of Akbar allegedly being beaten by another Atlanta native, as well as another … let’s say, less kosher. Cardi deleted the video when Akbar wrote,” You completely wrong to upload porn stuff on me again, you’re so short but kool, “but he seemed horrified to learn that the Atlanta rapper snapped a photo from the video for a single cover.

On the other hand, Nicki, who checked in just in time for the fireworks to promote her own new single “Likkle Miss (Remix)” with dance artist Skeng, changed strategy mid-stream instead of fans tweeting the hashtag #QueenMix and retweeting. praise from fans of Akbar V. Although his intention was to defuse the situation or fan the flames, it’s clear that fans are still choosing sides and creating chaos instead of realizing that they can easily stream ‘Super Freaky Girl’ and ‘Morning 2’.” Unfortunately patriarchy wins again. Cardi B is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.


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